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Many of the MMAP organization folks wanted to continue giving back through some kind of organized group.  when MMAP closed it's door, it took a few months to determine next steps.  For us (VMM), as an interim step we decided to include initial start up information on our personal web site.  We included our work schedule along with points of contact for workers.  Potential new members, as well as Christian organizations that might have a need for our help.

We are a Christian non-profit organization that focuses on assisting Christian churches, camps and schools in construction related work efforts.  Our focus is to render as much assistance as we can by asking our volulnteers to help out as many organizations as we can focusing largely on rural Christian organizations.

The contact points provided above will allow you to ask any questions you might have either for assistance or to consider becoming a volunteer yourself.

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This page was last updated: June 12, 2017
Kerry & Judy Cameron
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The Mobile Missionary Assistance Program has been dissolved, effective Nov 2015.
We are now Volunteer Mobile Missionaries (VMM).
The MMAP facebook page has been renamed Volunteer Mobile Missionaries.